Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP)

Promoting Research in the area of Innovation Policy in relation to Agriculture and Rural Development

The Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP) is a non- profit research organization established in March 2004 to promote research in the area of innovation policy in relation to agriculture and rural development. The founding members of CRISP have been in the forefront of research on innovation policy internationally. This coalition of science policy researchers saw a need for a more holistic approach to innovation policy and CRISP was established mainly to promote policy relevant research on rural innovation.   
Agricultural Extension in South Asia (AESA)CRISP hosts the Secretariat of the Agricultural Extension in South Asia (AESA) Network since January 2013 (www.aesa-gfras.net).The main objective of the network is “Sharing, learning and networking for building effective and efficient extension and advisory services functions” in the region.
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