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, Bonnet P.

, Joly A. , Bakic V. , Barthélémy D.

, Boujemaa N. , Molino J-F. , ImageCLEF 2013 working notes, Valencia, Spain.

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Context. If agricultural development is to be prosperous and biodiversity is to be conserved, then precise understanding of the identity, geographic distribution and takes advantage of of vegetation is crucial. Regretably, these basic data is frequently only partially readily available for professional stakeholders, instructors, experts and citizens, and normally incomplete for ecosystems that have the optimum plant variety. So that basically identifying plant species is normally a very tricky endeavor, even for professionals (this sort of as farmers or wooden exploiters) or for the botanists on their own.

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Applying graphic retrieval systems is presently considered by botanists as a promising route in lessening this taxonomic gap. Evaluating current developments of the IR group on this complicated job may possibly hence have a solid effect. The corporation of this process is funded by the French task Pl@ntNet (INRIA, CIRAD, Telabotanica) and supported by the European Coordination Motion Chorus . Task Overview.

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Following the results of ImageCLEF 2011 and ImageCLEF 2012 plant identification tasks, we are glad to arrange this year a new challenge committed to botanical information. This yr, the job will be concentrated on tree and herb species identification, dependent on distinct varieties of pictures.

Main novelties in contrast to very impressive weblog to share all about last 12 months are the adhering to: – much more species: the number of species will be this calendar year about 250, which is an essential stage in the direction of masking the whole flora of a presented area. – multi-view plant retrieval vs. leaf-dependent retrieval: question and examination pictures will now protect unique organs (or sights) of the particular person plants and not only their leaves. The leaf is truly considerably from remaining the only valuable organ for accurate identification.

As an illustration, the 6 species depicted in the determine under share the identical French widespread identify of laurel “laurier” in spite of even nevertheless they belong to diverse taxonomic groups (five genera, 5 families). In this situation, when it is challenging to recognize the species with far more or fewer the same-sized elliptic shaped leaves, it is indisputably much easier with the flowers. 6 different species sharing the identical widespread name. The instruction and exam info will be composed of visuals collected via a citizen sciences initiative that was initiated 2 many years in the past in collaboration with Telabotanica (social network of novice and skilled botanists). This makes the task closer to the ailments of a genuine-planet application: (i) pictures of the similar species are coming from unique trees living in distinctive areas (ii) images are taken by different consumers that could possibly not applied the same protocol to acquire the visuals (iii) photos are taken at different durations in the yr.

Additional data will include things like contextual meta-knowledge (author, day, locality identify) and some EXIF knowledge. Dataset. The task will be dependent on the Pl@ntView dataset which focuses on 250 herb and tree species from France spot. It has 26077 shots belonging each and every to a single of the two following classes: – SheetAsBackground (or uniform qualifications) (42%): completely pics of leaves in entrance of a white or coloured uniform background generated with a scanner or a digital camera with a sheet.

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