Strengthening Capacities of Extension & Advisory Services in Odisha.A Policy dialogueOrganized By:International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Coordination with Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy (Crisp)Venue: IMAGE, Bhubaneswar, Odisha17 August 2019 Participants List Image Gallery Background Note

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development makes an explicit link between sustainable development and climate action. Through SDG13, the 2030 Agenda calls for strengthened resilience and adaptive capacity in response to natural hazards and climate-related disasters in all countries. It also calls on all countries to establish and operationalize an integrated strategy – one that

CRISP in partnership with the Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (RAGACOVAS), International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) embarked on a multi-stakeholder dialogue on ‘Reclaiming Research in Livestock Development through Policy Interventions’ on 26-27 April, 2011.This publication is a result of


Effective delivery of livestock services depend to a large extent on the number and quality of technical manpower available in a region. CRISP partnered with the Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (RAGACOVAS), Pondicherry in organising a Regional Workshop on the availability of manpower and their capacities to deal with the contemporary and

CRISP participated in the Roundtable on Agricultural Extension in Asia (15-16 March 2011) organised jointly by the Syngenta Foundation and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences at Beijing to discuss what has and what has not worked in agricultural extension, and to foster learning from the experience of four countries: China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

During May 31 – 1 June 2012, CRISP participated in the international workshop on Investing and strengthening Agricultural Innovation Systems organized by the Agricultural and Rural Development Department of the World Bank. The event brought together both external and internal experts to discuss the findings of the AIS Sourcebook, as well as issues of implementation

CRISP was represented in the XIth and XIIth Plan Working Group on Agricultural Extension of the Planning Commission (Government of India); consultations in the National Knowledge Commission on Reforms in Research and Extension in India; Consultations for the development of Country Programme Framework (CPF) for FAO, India and the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and


The Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) held its 3rd Annual Meeting during 26-28 September at Manila, the Philippines. The event was hosted by the Asia-Pacific Islands Rural Advisory Services (APIRAS) Network. The meeting contributed to the thematic exchange on rural advisory services (RAS) and how it could better contribute to the Agricultural Innovation


TS Vamsidhar Reddy, Senior Research Fellow at CRISP attended the 10th Globelics International Conference, held at Hangzhou, China during 9-11 November 2012. He presented a research paper titled ‘Locating research in agricultural innovation trajectories: evidence and implications from empirical cases from South Asia’ in that conference


The “New Extensionist”: Enhancing Capacities of Extension and Advisory Services: Planning the Global and Regional GFRAS Activities 2013‐2014 held on 14‐15 March 2013, at Pretoria, South Africa. Dr Rasheed Sulaiman V, Director, CRISP presented the New Extensionist Position Paper in this meeting. More details on the programme and outcomes of this meeting could be accessed