nelk ppts


Introduction to the New Extensionist Learning Kit (NELK) – Rasheed Sulaiman

Module 2: Extension approaches and tools – Rasheed Sulaiman

Module 6: Basic knowledge management and extension – Saravanan Raj

Module 8: Community mobilization – Nimisha Mittal

Module 5: Adult learning for behavioral change – P Sethuraman Sivakumar

Module 13: Risk management and adaptation in RAS – P Sethuraman Sivakumar

Module 10: The role of extension in value chains – S Ramkumar

Module 11: Agricultural entrepreneurship – S Ramkumar

Module 7: Introduction to facilitation for development – Suchiradipta Bhattacharjee

Module 3: Agricultural Extension Programme Management – PVK Sasidhar

Module 14: Developing capacity for evaluation of rural extension and advisory services- PVK Sasidhar

Module 9: Farmer organisational development – Nimisha Mittal